Jeroen Gietema and Dion Kotteman can be hired to present the concept of Project Sabotage. Not only will they explain how sabotage works, but they also explain how to recognize and prevent Project Sabotage. And what is more: a whole range of counter measures exist, Jeroen and Dion can take you to that world of the Counter Sabotage and make your projects more profitable. A pleasant thought!

Several possibilities exist:

  • an hour lecture on the basics of Project Sabotage. You will learn the most important things.
  • a 2 hour lecture and a brief exercise on how it works in practice.
  • a 6-7 hours interactive workshop, with the basic explanation and with interactive elements where your questions and cases can be discussed and solved! The workshop extensively provides analysis and counter measures.
  • an in house training, in your own company, tailored to your wishes, a programme with a choice of the elements mentioned above.

Jeroen and Dion can work as a duo, or can be hired separately.

If you contact us, we will happily take you through the possibilities.

Many people did this before you and were enthusiast afterwards!