Because every project has opponents

The Project Saboteur … knowing him is just the beginning

Why would anybody want to undermine a project?

It is all about personal interests.

What is the approach of the Project Saboteur?

It is a CRIME: he will Conspire; Recruit; Infiltrate; Manipulate and Execute

Who could disrupt the project?

The Director, The Project Manager, The User, The Specialist, The Product Owner, The Scrum master, The agile coach

Can you detect and counteract Project Sabotage?

Yes! Your projects can be more successful if you follow the counter-sabotage measures in the book!

The Project Saboteur

The Project Saboteurs are in every project

How to deal with a projectsaboteur?

Many millions are squandered as a result of project sabotage

Although a lot of measures and new methods have been implemented in the world of project management. Still the IT project success rate is low, several studies show that it is still below 30%. A simple calculation shows that worldwide loss due to project inefficiency is in the order of magnitude of €300 billion yearly. Knowing the average monthly income in the Europe is appr. €1780, reducing this inefficiency loss by just 50% would represent a possible increase of 7 million jobs.

Is agile the answer to prevent project Sabotage?

No! You might think that agile is the answer to project success. Although agile introduced new team roles and changed the team dynamics through empowering the development teams, it did not solve the Root Cause that leads to project sabotage. The Product Owner, the Agile Coach, The Scrum Master and even the development Team Members now all have the power to manipulate the Priorities, the Project Process and the Project Result to serve their personal interest best. In the daily stand-ups they can share their hideous schemes. Agile at Scale frameworks like SaFE and LeSS provide the ideal playground for the Agile Saboteur. The Scrum of Scrums enables the Product Owners to infect the other teams with their nasty ideas, thus avoiding the project to become successful.

A must read for project managers

This book explains how to sabotage a project, the motivations that guide the project saboteur. It tells the alliances the project saboteur might make, and most importantly, how to stop him. It includes real-life case studies, examples, and helpful checklists and tables to determine if there’s a project saboteur at work..

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