Meet the writers of The Project Saboteur: Dion Kotteman and Jeroen Gietema

The Project Saboteur is a must-have book for project managers. Not only will it help you identify the person sabotaging your project, but it will also give you clear instructions on how to handle them at all different levels of the organization.

This book builds on the expertise of its authors, who both have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of project management. Having led many different teams in diverse organizations, they’ve managed to gather numerous examples which serve as leading stories within the book, providing practical knowledge to guide you within your project management role.

Dion Kotteman has extensive project management experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sector. He has worked as the Chief Information Officer of the Dutch government, executive advisor to the Dutch minister of finance, and general manager of the Dutch National Audit Authority. He has also held several executive positions in the banking world. Currently, he is a consultant and non-executive board member in several companies.

Jeroen Gietema has more than thirty years project and management experience in the field of information and communication technology. After studying computer technique, he worked for Volmac and Capgemini. In the latter company, Jeroen worked as Division Quality manager and Deputy Area Quality Manager.

Dion Kotteman

Dion Kotteman runs his own company, specialised in strategic C -level and IT advice. He also is partner at Grey Matter Matters, an advisory company. He publishes regularly (e g The Project Saboteur, Agile with a smile, On Leadership and Coaching, etc) and lectures at two universities, as well as at the EIPA, European Institute of Public Administration. He was the Dutch central government’s CIO and is now, amongst other things, a non-executive member of the board of an insurance company. He advises many companies and organisations like Deloitte, Dutch Railroads, City of Amsterdam, CGI, several departments and the Dutch Royal Air Force.

Experience is not something you pick up in an afternoon. Furthermore, experience is not always a guarantee for success. It is what you do with your experience, that is the issue. Dion has systematically refined his experience over the years. He has held numerous management positions. From IT project manager to chief of criminal investigation, from program director with major banks to chief constable, from member of the European Cloud Committee to supervisory director of an insurance company, from crisis manager to chairman of the national council of central government CIOs, from delegation leader at the European Union to a member of the management board of the National Criminal Intelligence Division, from an IT consultant with a consultancy firm to the boss of his own private company.

Dion has been in charge of various large-scale, high-profile projects, including the Schengen Information System, both in the Netherlands and in Europe, and numerous major IT projects for financial institutions, such as ABN AMRO and the ING Group, as well as projects in the field of policing and security. As a certified Gateway Review Team Leader, he has carried out no less than 15 project reviews.

He also served as director general of the Dutch Audit Service and as an executive advisor to the Dutch minister of Finance.

The assignments he has been doing the last years show a shift towards mediation and company conflict management. He usually executes research to gain insight en then tries to find an acceptable solution of the conflict. He also publishes on the matter. He also coaches (senior) executives.

As the Netherlands Governmental CIO, and also as a member of various executive boards (both inside and outside of government), Dion has gained a wealth of experience in organisational strategy. He has a natural talent for giving strategic advice that gets to the heart of the matter.

Dion also delivers training courses and lectures on a whole range of subjects. About IT, about project management, about project sabotage, about agile working, about auditing and accounting, and about leadership. He was nominated as lecturer of the year by the National Academy. He has a broad area of expertise, and is able to draw on his insight gained from practical experience. This is supported by his national and international publications and books.

Jeroen Gietema

Jeroen Gietema has more than thirty years project and management experience in the field of information and communication technology. After studying computer technique he worked for Volmac and Capgemini. With Capgemini Jeroen worked as Division Quality manager and Deputy Area Quality Manager.

In 1997 he started to work as an independent IT management consultant heading up large computerisation projects. He gained his experience in large financial, governmental, the industrial and logistic organisations.

Since 2011 Jeroen is co-owner and CEO of Cedira B.V., a company that develops and provides WEB based solutions. The most important WEB based service developed under his responsibility is ProSpondo, an assessment and impact analyses engine with advanced analysis and reporting capabilities.In addition to this Jeroen is managing partner with

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