The forgotten toughness of soft controls in program management

“De vergeten hardheid van soft controls in programma management”

Language Webinar: Dutch

Hoe je je project(en) succesvoller maakt door te acteren op bewuste tegenwerking.


Voor Wie  : Elke (project) professional, projectmanagers, opdrachtgevers.
Spreker(s)  : Dion Kotteman, auteur van diverse boeken op dit vlak.
Wanneer  : Vrijdag 5 november 2021
Hoe Laat  : 12:00-13:00u met een optionele napraat tot 13:15u
Waar  : Online. We gebruiken Zoom. De link daarvoor tref je na aanmelding aan in de bijeenkomstpagina..

Als professional focus je vaak op het resultaat van projecten- en programma’s. Maar….daar word je regelmatig bewust in tegengewerkt.

Hoe zie je die tegenwerking en wat kan je er aan doen?

In dit korte webinar neem Dion Kotteman ons mee in zijn stelling dat er zelfs bewust wordt tegengewerkt in projecten- en programma’s. Vaak ziet men dit niet vanwege de focus op de technocratische benadering.  Daar is wel wat aan te doen: erkennen dat dat bestaat en vanuit het belang van de tegenwerkers denken en met oplossingen komen.


Where are your project saboteurs?

Webinar 2 March 2020

Good projects intentionally gone bad is a reality in every business. Every management project has opponents who try to manipulate it for their own gain, and they are frequently successful. This is often denied or hidden and PMOs need to learn how to deal with this.

In 2017, only 29% of software development projects were considered to be successful, meaning that these projects delivered on time, on budget, with a satisfactory result. 52% of the projects were listed with the qualification “challenged” and 19% failed completely (Standish Group Chaos Report 2017). With approximately $665 billion spent worldwide on IT projects alone, this means that $126 billion goes down the drain each year due to project failure.

People adjust the truth to suit themselves and thus serve their own interests: more power, more income, more respect. Based on one’s own interest, matters are portrayed in a better light and budgets are intentionally drawn up incorrectly. All of this is done with the express aim of influencing decision-making.

Yet little attention has been paid to the art of undermining and manipulating projects. With more knowledge of the motivation and methods of project saboteurs, it could be combatted by the PMO. Which can in turn lead to large savings and better project results.

This webinar provides an insight on the project saboteur and explores the tools necessary to manipulate a project successfully and professionally and how to counter all this.

Dion Kotteman
350 people attended the webinar the 2nd of March 2020 and the response was very positive:
“That was fascinating. I’m glad to know that I’m not being paranoid when I have identified deliberate undermining behaviour.  Now I know it’s a real issue, I can treat it seriously and manage it more effectively.”

“Excellent presentation, brilliant advices for all of us!!”

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